A Guide to 3-Step Sparring

A Guide to 3-Step Sparring


A Guide to 3-Step Sparring

2 Step Sparring is a pre-arranged sparring which we use to praictise and develop Distance, Focus & Timing against a partner.

At this time, there are 12 levels (sequences). However we only practice up to level/sequence 8 as colour belts.

How to practice 3-Step Sparring

Starting 2-Step Sparring

  • Face your partner and bow
  • Attacker takes the appropriate distance
  • Attacker steps back into Walking Stance
  • Attacker Requests to Attack (Ki-Ap)
  • Defender Replies (Ki-Ap)
  • Sequence Begins

Ending Sequence

  • Attacker should remember to return to the a Guard position at the end
  • Then Return to Parallel Stance
  • Now, the Attacker and Defender swap roles

Completing 3-Step Sparring

  • Both Attacker and Defender return to Parallel Stance
  • Bow and step away.