Halloween:  Creative New Ideas And Tricks
Halloween:  Creative New Ideas And Tricks

Halloween: Creative New Ideas And Tricks


Halloween: Creative New Ideas And Tricks

Making Your Halloween More Spooktackular!

Halloween is one of the most awaited and celebrated holiday for the Christians and it comes just second in popularity to Christmas. Millions of people indulge in celebrating, treating and merry making in the festive season, but very few are aware of the history and the true origins of Halloween. The facts and legends about Halloween are as interesting and captivating as the holiday is itself.

Halloween is actually referred to as “All Hallows Eve”, and it has a rich history which dates back to more than 2000 years. All Hallows Eve is the evening just before All Saints Day and it is celebrated by Christians throughout the world to mark the conversion of pagans. It is celebrated on the 1st of November, because the Catholic Church made the honour to the saints on this day.

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  1. Halloween – Its History and Origin
  2. Significance of Trunk-Or-Treat
  3. Milestones of Halloween
  4. Halloween – The Customs and Traditions
  5. Halloween As Celebrated ‘Today’
  6. Party Ideas & Planning For Halloween
  7. Jack O' Lantern Lane Halloween Event
  8. Halloween Party Supplies & Table Tips
  9. Halloween Recipes
  10. The Thirteen Days of Halloween
  11. Halloween Party Invitations
  12. Eve of the Black Month
  13. Tips For a Pumpkin Carving Party
  14. Halloween Film-fest Party
  15. Organize a Halloween Block Party
  16. Organizing costume parties for kids and adults
  17. Friday 13th Party
  18. Stay Safe In Halloween
  19. Halloween safety tips for children and grownups
  20. Halloween safety tips for parties and costumes
  21. Halloween safety tips for trunk-or-treating
  22. Halloween safety tips for pets
  23. Halloween Storage and Decorations Ideas
  24. What Is The Future Of Halloween?

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