Ladies Beginners 4 week Course

Ladies Beginners 4 week Course


The Class must be Booked and Confirmed in Advance.
We will contact you with availability. Class sizes may vary subject to legislation/guidance during the "pandemic" (Covid).

The Ladies Beginners Course is a great way to start your Martial Arts journey.

  •  4 CLASS TRIAL (1 class /wk)
  • Free Training Gloves
  • Free Training Guide



We are not a school that likes to sit around and talk. Our adult classes are packed with variety that burn fat and tone your muscles. A study found that the average adult student burned between 800 and 1000 calories per class! With consistent training and a healthier lifestyle, we guarantee you'll lose that undesired weight.


No matter what day you might have had, the best thing for you to do is get to class and burn it off. After an awesome positive experience at our class, you'll be back in the mind set to take on your world.


You may have had that moment, that after walking into a room, you wonder what you went in for?
Sometimes it feels like there is too much going on in your brain at one time. Our classes teach you focus and how to concentrate on the task at hand. Your performance at work and at home will improve because of your martial arts training.


Getting angry when something doesn't go right is a human emotion that everyone experiences. But it can become a negative when that anger is used in the wrong way or takes control of your actions. We teach you how to focus that anger into a positive and use it to your advantage!


Every class starts off with a warm-up and limbering-up. This helps you perform to your best as you perform the techniques. The routines can be used at any time and to improve your performance in other activities such as golf, dance, cricket, rugby and skiing.


What would happen if someone attacked you or a loved one?
"A bit extreme you might say", but it happens.

Do you know if you could defend yourself or a loved one if it did?

Violent crimes are on the increase! The likelihood if it happening to you or a loved one is low, but you need to be prepared, just in case.

So, When would you like to start?

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