Student Handbook - Colour Belts

Student Handbook - Colour Belts


Instructors have a class full of people and their time is limited so they cannot give you the individual details of exactly how every movement must be performed to work correctly - To fully understand what you are doing you must study your art properly so that you will always know exactly what you are doing

-- BEST SELLER -- this Book is very easy to understand with a large number of photographs to illustrate details and every year hundreds of people buy these books from us - often because they have seen a friends copy -

-- DETAILS -- This book is packed with EVERY DETAIL of all patterns from "Saju-jirugi through to "Choon-Moo" including a huge amount of specialised and general information to tell you exactly how the moves must be correctly performed to work effectively - PLUS - all of the information and detail that you will ever need to know so that you can go from complete beginner right through to your Black Belt

-- SIZE -- the book is a very convenient 16 x 21 x 2 cms with 306 pages and easy to carry in your training bag for instant reference - Also the book is spiral bound so that you can lay it open to study and practice the exact details of every movement.