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Recommended Taekwondo Books

Tae Kwon Do Patterns: Chon Ji Dan Gun Do San Paperback – 20 July 2018 Click Here

The book is ideal for students of Tae Kwon Do studying the patterns Chon Ji (Yellow Tag), Dan Gun (Yellow Belt) and Do San (Green Tag). Easy step by step guide, 200 full colour photographs. 4 ways to learn each pattern. Foot movements, new techniques and application of techniques

TAEKWONDO PATTERNS: From Beginner to Black Belt Kindle Edition Click Here

The martial art of Taekwon-Do was initially developed by the Korean military in the 1950s and spread internationally with the formation of the International Taekwon-Do Federation [ITF] in 1966. Taekwon-Do has continued to develop and it is now one of the most popular martial arts, with some eight million students worldwide and perhaps best known for its spectacular kicking and power demonstrations. However, Taekwon-Do is first and foremost a modern, scientifically based martial art with a vast array of techniques. Core Taekwon-Do techniques are grouped together in twenty-four patterns (tul), each of which is a progressively more complex series of self-defence moves against one or more imaginary opponents, and which must be mastered by students as they advance through the Taekwon-Do grading system. This unique book is specifically designed to help guide Taekwon-Do students through the first nine patterns that take them up to 1st degree black belt grade.

Taekwon-Do Patterns: From 1st to 7th Degree Black Belt Paperback – 31 Dec. 2011 Click Here

For the first time, all fifteen patterns [tul] of the Korean martial art of Taekwon-Do that are taught within the black belt syllabus of the International Taekwon-Do Federation are presented here in a single volume. This landmark book shows every single move of each pattern executed by the internationally renowned Taekwon-Do exponent and instructor, Master Jim Hogan. Each movement is clearly illustrated with a full-length photograph accompanied by a detailed commentary, a diagram showing the position of the move within the pattern, an overall description of the pattern, and the Korean translation for every single technique.

This is TAEKWON-DO Paperback – 20 Nov. 2012 Click Here

This Is Taekwon-Do shouldn't be advertised as just a book - it is really a comprehensive package with the DVD ROM material being the prize.

The book itself reads as more of a collection of thoughts from First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha's (FGMR) extensive experience and knowledge instead of an instructional how-to-guide to the Taekwon-Do syllabus. FGMR states that the encyclopaedia created by General Choi is the reference manual to learning Taekwon-Do with this book providing context and further input into that given by the encyclopaedia (plus most importantly that given by a competent instructor); that said - between the book, the 3D tuls and the HD videos any student of Taekwon-Do will find invaluable information on their art.
On the DVD ROM, the 3D tuls provide an excellent reference for the nine colour belt patterns (in addition to Saju-Jirugi and Saju-Makgi), the ability to control a virtual FGMR at your own convenience allows you to view the patterns as step by step or continuous movements plus you can control the camera fully 360 degrees.
The HD videos demonstrate all of the patterns from the front (i.e. an instructor's viewpoint) as well as include a lot of extra information in the form of teaching points; this has FGMR breaking down individual techniques and points to further clarify correct practice and is probably my favourite part of the entire package, this is as close to receiving direct instruction from FGMR as you can get in your own house.
It should be noted that the DVD ROM content will only run on a PC, this is stated in the product description but could be missed. The only negative aspect I can find with this package is that the DVD ROM disc must be in the computer to run the software but I suppose this is the price we pay for years of software piracy!
In conclusion I would recommend this book to any student of Taekwon-Do - beginners' right up to experienced instructors will learn from this valuable resource. I am already looking forward to further instalments featuring the black belt sections.
If you are unable to train under "the best ever student of Taekwon-Do" then this is probably the next best thing!

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Effective Taekwon-Do Sparring Paperback – 30 Nov. 2009 Click Here

If you are a typical student of Taekwond-Do, or any other other martial art that practises semi-free, continuous sparring, then this book is for you. Written specifically for club-level martial artists, Effective Taekwon-Do Sparring bridges the gap between the wider Taekwon-Do syllabus and the particular demands of sparring. In order to do this, the authors go right back to basics. The fundamentals of stance, movement and defence are analysed in detail and significantly adapted for the sparring arena. Core attacking techniques are reviewed and, if necessary, modified in order to improve their effectiveness in typical sparring scenarios. Finally, basic elements of sparring strategy such as assessing opponents, creating openings, effective combinations and counter-attacks are examined.

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Killing Art, A : The Untold History of Tae Kwon Do, Updated and Revised Paperback – 22 Sept. 2016 Click Here

The eagerly anticipated updated return of a bestselling martial arts classic. A Killing Art: The Untold History of Tae Kwon Do takes you into the cults, geisha houses, and crime syndicates that made Tae Kwon Do. It shows how, in the end, a few key leaders kept the art clean and turned it into an empowering art for tens of millions of people in more than 150 countries. A Killing Art is part history and part biography - and a wild ride to enlightenment.

ITF Taekwon-Do Condensed Encyclopedia [Print Replica] Kindle Edition
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The first ever Digital Version of the latest ITF Taekwon-Do Condensed Encyclopedia, officially mandated by the International Taekwon-Do Headquarters in Vienna, Austria.
With Hyperlinks to Chapters, Patterns (Tuls), built in Search Functionality, notes and bookmark functionality and more to make reference and study easier!
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Draugasse 3, 1210 Vienna, Austria

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