The 19 Movements of Chon-Ji

The First Pattern

In the Taekwondo dojang, we practise Chon-Ji, the first pattern. Chon-Ji has 19 movements that look like a cross. Chon-Ji means “Heaven” and “Earth”. It shows the creation of the world and the balance of life. It is the first pattern we learn as beginners.

1. Ready Stance (Joon-Bi)

We start in the Ready Stance. We stand with our feet shoulder-width apart and our fists clenched. We breathe and get ready for the pattern.

2. Low Outer Forearm Block (Najunde Bakat Palmok Makgi)

We turn left and move our left leg. We go into a Walking Stance with our left leg forward. We do a Low Outer Forearm Block with our left arm. We imagine blocking an attack from the side. We are strong and steady.

3. Forefist Middle Punch (Ap Joomuk Kaunde Jirugi)

We step forward with our right leg. We go into a Walking Stance with our right leg forward. We do a Middle Forefist Punch with our right fist. We imagine punching the opponent’s chest, solar plexus or stomach. We are fast and accurate.

4. Turn and Transition

We repeat the same movements on the other side. We turn left and right, step forward and back, block and punch. We move smoothly and gracefully. We connect each movement to the next. We make a cross shape with our pattern.

6. The End

We finish the pattern step backwards with our Left leg and punch with our Right fist. We yell “Chon-Ji!" 

We show our power and confidence.

Conclusion: Silence Speaks Loudest

Chon-Ji is not just a pattern/form—it is a story. It tells us the story of the world and the balance of life. It teaches us the basic skills and values of Taekwondo. It helps us to breathe, to move, to balance. It helps us to be precise, resilient, and adaptable. It helps us to honor our dreams (heaven) and our reality (earth).

We end the pattern with a bow. We show respect and gratitude. We carry the lessons of Chon-Ji with us. We can use them in our daily lives, in our work, relationships, and self-care. We can let Chon-Ji guide our steps, wherever they may lead.

So, my fellow practitioners, next time you practice Chon-Ji, remember its meaning and importance. Feel the balance of heaven and earth. And may your Taekwondo journey be as timeless as the stars.

Keep practicing, keep learning, and keep embracing the Chon-Ji spirit!