Belt Test Grading - Black Belt

Belt Test Grading - Black Belt


What is a Grading / Belt Test?

A Grading is a physical test that martial artists take to attain their next belts and progress.

Premier Dojang Grading Fee includes:

  • Premier Dojang Black Belt Grading
  • Premier Dojang Certificate signed by International Instructor & Examiner
  • Brand New ITF Black Belt Uniform
  • Standard Black Belt
  • Black Belt Study Booklets (PDF)

ITF Recognition is optional. However, you Must be ITF certificated to participate in Squad Training and International Competitions.

To Qualify for Full Black Belt status, you must continue to train for at least 12 months!

Line-Up 9:45am Sharp - You MUST arrive on-time!

Equipment Required. Just like any class, test or other event:

  • Running Shoes
  • Running Gear
  • Towel
  • Drink - Non Fizzy / Non Sugary
  • FULL UNIFORM - Clean and Pressed
  • FULL Sparring Equipment

Grading Options - Please check the Options Carefully!


Kup (coloured) belt Gradings

Usually three/four times a year for students to grade and are down to the discretion of your Instructor. Being allowed to grade depends on how often you train, how much you practice and how quickly you learn. The whole process should not be rushed and you are far better taking your time through the coloured belts and learning as much as possible. If you consider that you can practice martial arts for the rest of your life taking your time between gradings in crucial.

On average if you train 2/3 times a week it is usual that you will be allowed to grade every three months; however you have to remember the higher grade you get the harder it gets, so timing between grades may be longer.

Students start at white belt and have to attain another 8 belts until they reach black. On rare occasions a student can double promote this means that they skip their next belt and automatically gain the one above. This is quite rare and for students to double promote they must achieve excellence throughout their entire grade.

What to expect

  • Basic movements up & down the hall. This will include stances, blocking, striking, punching and kicking.
  • Tul (Patterns). You can be asked to do any Pattern up to your level, so it is vital that you always practice previous patterns as well.
  • Step Sparring (3-Step and 2-Step). These are set routines that you should know, if required.
  • Self Defence. Again pick 5 techniques and keep repeating over and over again.
  • Theory. Each Grade is required to know the Theory which is outlined in the Theory sheets.

Higher Grades:

  • 1-Step Sparring
  • Foot Sparring
  • Free Sparring
  • Two onto One Sparring
  • Breaking Techniques.


Check the Start Time - Do Not Be Late
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